Commercial-News/Elena Meadows

Post-it note cheer

Hoppin Elementary fifth-grader Victoria Marckini takes a note from the new “Take What You Need” board in the school hallway. “Whenever I take one off it cheers me up,” she said. Principal Allison Taylor said the board is intended to make someone’s day. “It is filled with encouragement for students, staff and parents and they can take a post-it off of the board and keep it,” she said. “They can also add to the board if they would like.” Among the messages currently on the wall are “Don’t let other people bring you down,” “Be your best self,” “You rock” and “You’re as nice as a cuddlefish.” Response from students has been huge, Taylor said, noting the board gets emptied a couple of times a day. She shared that one student, whose dog had been put down, asked her teacher if she could take something off the board to make her feel better.

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