COMMERCIAL-NEWS | ROBERT TOMLINSON - Andrews Elementary Principal Ben McIntyre (left) gets slimed by kindergartner AnnaBelle Steiner (right) Monday morning as a reward for Steiner’s class raising the most money for Relay For Life during a monthlong penny drive at the school. McIntyre, along with behavioral interventionists Tamaha Franks and Darci Miller, were willing participants in the sliming.COMMERCIAL-NEWS | ROBERT TOMLINSON - Andrews Elementary Behavioral Interventionist Tamaha Franks (left) reacts to getting slimed by third grader King Harold (right) during Monday morning’s sliming.

An end-of-year sliming

Andrews staff gets messy as reward for Relay For Life donations

THREE RIVERS — If there’s one thing that kids like to do from time to time, it’s getting other people messy for a good cause.

That was the case Monday morning at Andrews Elementary, where students from three classes got to slime two behavioral interventionists and their principal as a reward for their class’s fundraising efforts for Relay For Life.

From May 4 through June 1, students participated in a penny drive in each class, raising money for Relay. Over the monthlong period, students raised $750, with Alyssa Menz’s kindergarten class raising the most, earning the right to slime Principal Ben McIntyre.

Katelyn Garn’s third-grade class finished second in fundraising, receiving the opportunity to slime behavioral interventionist Darci Miller, and Haili McBride’s third-grade class finished third with the opportunity to slime behavioral interventionist Tamaha Franks.

“It went amazing, I was quite surprised they did really well,” Parapro Charity Salinas, who came up with the idea for the event, said. “This is the first year I’ve done the Relay for Life team, so they really exceeded my expectations of what we would raise. That was awesome.”

The sliming went down just after 8 a.m. during the school’s Sunrise assembly, with slime victims sitting in a folding chair placed on a blue tarp on one end of the gymnasium as the kids from each of the top three classes poured cups of purple-colored slime – created just hours prior – on the participants’ head and clothes. Two of the slime-ees tried to hide or disguise themselves in playful fashion to try to get out of getting slimed – Miller tried to wear a fake beard while McIntyre briefly hid in a storage room – but the students ratted them out and got them into their places for the sliming.

After the assembly, the students went back to class, while the purple-drenched staffers were eventually chauffeured by janitorial staff in a cart to get hosed down and change clothes.

All in all, the victims said it was all in good fun to be slimed, and said it was great to see the kids raise the money they did.

“It’s an amazing feeling to get slimed,” McIntyre said. “This is the first time we’ve done something like that, and the kids really got into it. It’s a great way to raise money for cancer research, and we support cancer research here at Andrews. It’s a little way to incorporate the kids into the community and raise some money.”

However, they joked that they may not have exactly known what they got themselves into.

“At first, it was only first and second going to get slimed, and as the new BI, I was like, ‘I’ll do it, sure,’” Franks joked with a laugh. “As it was getting closer, and when I was talking with Ms. Charity, and she said the consistency would be like pancake batter and Nickelodeon slime, I was like, okay, I definitely bit off more than I could chew. It was so much fun though, I loved the reaction, it was really cool. We got to incorporate my daughter; that was the first person that slimed me, so apparently I’m safe nowhere, but I loved it and it was really fun.”

Overall, they said it was a great activity for the end of the school year.

“I enjoyed it. They all had so much fun, including myself,” Salinas said.

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