Centreville school board goes to new meeting schedule

CENTREVILLE — Centreville Public Schools’ Board of Education meetings will have a different schedule going into the next school year.

During their Monday, July 11 meeting, the Centreville Public Schools Board of Education approved a measure to change their meeting schedule to have one meeting a month in six months and two meetings a month the other six months for the 2022-23 school year.

The change is a departure from their current schedule, which has meetings on the second and fourth Monday of each month. The approved schedule will have one meeting in August (Aug. 22), two in September (Sept. 12 and 26), two in October (Oct. 10 and 24), one in November (Nov. 28), one in December (Dec. 12), two in January (Jan. 9 and 23), two in February (Feb. 13 and 27), two in March (March 13 and 27), one in April (April 24), one in May (May 22), and two in June (June 12 and 26).

Board President Jeff Troyer said there has been discussion recently about changing the schedule to reduce the number of meetings per month, possibly to one per month.  

Superintendent Chad Brady said his office has looked into the history of board meetings by month recently, and said he found there were some months that were “slower” than others when it came to action items.

“When we started looking at some of the months we’ve narrowed down to one meeting a month, these seem to be months where the agendas are a little bit slower,” Brady said. “That’s not to say in the future these months might have more things in it and we might need a special meeting, but typically in November you start getting into Thanksgiving break, December you have Christmas break, and on it goes into the spring with spring break. It’s kind of a hybrid approach, is the way I would classify it or characterize it.”

During discussion, board member Pam Riley asked if there was a need for scheduling two meetings a month versus having one meeting and the possibility of calling special meetings. Troyer said the work session meetings of the board are “more and less discussion and work as a whole.”

“I think we’ve gone towards pushing more work towards the committee level and letting those come to the board to be presented. I could go either way,” Troyer said.

Board Vice President Jackie Bowen called the new schedules a “good compromise” to going to one meeting a month for all months.

“I know I haven’t spoken up in favor of two a month, but I think this is possibly a really good compromise with some of the other meetings thrown in,” Bowen said. “It might be a bit confusing for people, but I felt this was handled in confidence.”

The vote to approve the schedule was unanimous.

In other business…

  • The board approved the hires of Jerry Schultz as Centreville Elementary School’s dean of students and Brenda Hiemstra as the Centreville Junior/Senior High School dean of students. Brady said he was excited to bring Schultz and Hiemstra into those positions in the district.

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