Centreville to host two new CTE courses

CENTREVILLE — Centreville Public Schools will be hosting two new Career and Technical Education programs in the county, and the logistics of such were discussed during Monday’s CPS Board of Education meeting.

Interim Superintendent Chad Brady told board members Centreville has the opportunity to host CTE’s new Public Safety program, as well as its new Health Science II program, both of which begin in the 2022-23 school year. The public safety course, Brady said, was something students have been requesting for a bit.

“Based on some of the surveying that was done by the ISD and the CTE program, [public safety] was something students had mentioned having an interest in,” Brady said. “Our proximity to the courthouse and the police station and the jail makes our location a sweetspot to offer and host this class.”

Brady said the district has identified a classroom in the junior/senior high school where the class can be held, and will move forward with getting it set up in the next few months. As for curriculum, he said it would be largely driven by the instructor they choose to teach the class and their experiences.

“I think there’s a wide range of possibilities for what that course can provide to kids. I think it’ll be really interesting to watch that program unfold, and I think it’d be a good experience for kids pursuing that avenue,” Brady said.

Brady said he wasn’t sure if the new public safety course would be done in conjunction with an already-existing internship program at the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department, but said because of the school’s proximity to the department, there could be the opportunity to “tap into” resources at the department.

As for the Health Science II class, it will be a new, advanced course for second-year CTE students who have completed the first health science class. Brady said there is also a space for it in the school, calling it a “high quality” course with high demand.

“I think that’s one of the reasons and motivations in extending it to a second section,” Brady said.

Because the district will be hosting the two classes, there would need to be two new teachers. Brady said they would be hired by the district, but compensation would be handled by the ISD and the CTE program.

Trustee Larry Walton asked Brady if there has been any interest in either program being held at Glen Oaks Community College instead of the junior/senior high school. Brady said there has been some interest, but it was a decision made by the CTE consortium, made up of all of the school districts in the county, to hold it in Centreville at a district site.

“There was some interest, more so by Glen Oaks and particularly with the health science classes, but the collective consortium has left it to us to decide if we want to move it or not,” Brady said. “My recommendation would be to offer it here.”

The new public safety program brings the total number of CTE programs offered by the St. Joseph County ISD to 14.

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