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Enjoyment from spending time with school children

I am sorry to admit that I am not much of a reader and never have been. I’ve always read just enough to get by. If I do read a book, it’s usually a biography. My problem is that I have difficulty concentrating on just one thing at a time. As a student, I could not have any distractions, such as having a radio or television on while trying to read. When it comes to reading instructions on how to assemble something, the only problem I have is that I must read the instructions several times prior to assembling, and then I will constantly refer to the instructions while putting the object together. Perhaps it’s a lack of self-confidence.
My lack of interest in reading doesn’t exist when reading to others. As a matter of fact, I really enjoy doing this. A few days before Christmas, I had the privilege of accompanying two other Lions to Park Elementary School, north of Three Rivers. We are part of a group of volunteers who enjoy reading to local school children. My assignment was to read first to one of the kindergarten classes. I read How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I had never read to a group of kindergartners before, so I quickly learned that they are really interested in being shown the pictures that accompany the story.
My second reading assignment involved reading to a group of fourth graders. After informing the students a little about what Lions do for the community and the world, I offered them the choice between The Polar Express and A Visit from St. Nicholas (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas). The Polar Express won out. I was allowed 20 minutes in each classroom, so I was able to read A Visit From St. Nicholas to the fourth graders also.
I thank Ms. Phillips and Mr. Zabonick for having such well-behaved students. A special “Thank You” to Mrs. Nikki Holtz for arranging for the three of us to spend time with these great students. Barb, Sheree and I look forward to the next time we can give some teachers a break and read to their students. It’s amazing how much enjoyment one can receive by spending time with school children. They are not the only ones who learn something new every day.
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