Medical marijuana ordinances

To the editor:
I have a medical marijuana card.  The idea that the city commission would rather have me or others in the same situation seek “parking lot” dealers rather than a controlled environment says much about your limited understanding of this issue.
My understanding is that you were elected to serve the people of Three Rivers — not the State of Michigan or the US.  Your concern is not federal law.  Your statement appears to indicate that this also violates state law is absolutely BS.  You were simply asked to establish ground rules based on state law.  Does this mean that you are willing to enforce state laws other than the ones you disagree with?  Try doing your job and stop inflicting your moral views on everyone else.
Also, if you don’t think a dispensary is going to open just outside the city limits — then you guys are bigger fools than I thought.
FYI – Thanks for making Three Rivers so successful that we lost $50K on our house.  Still, well worth it to be out of a dying town.  My sympathies to the remaining residents.  Until your city government decides to GROW the city rather than prop up a dead downtown, Three Rivers will continue it’s slow decline.


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