Higgins has great ideas to create more justice

To the editor:
There are many positions on policy where the candidates for the Michigan 59th State House of Representatives, Carol Higgins and Aaron Miller, disagree.
Carol Higgins agrees with the research-based, bi-partisan approved package of bills for reform of our juvenile justice sentencing. Aaron Miller voted against them all and cast the only “no” vote on some of the bills in the package. For example, he voted against offering alternative sentencing for 17-year-olds.
Carol Higgins believes it is common sense to require everyone who carries a concealed weapon be required to obtain a permit. Miller co-sponsored a bill to allow no permit, concealed carry. I find that frightening.
Carol Higgins supports research that shows it is time to decriminalize cannabis possession and she acknowledges the benefits of medical marijuana. Veterans with PTSD are getting relief. Miller still believes it is a gateway drug and that police should be given the right to seize personal property before a conviction.
Higgins believes the state constitution is absolutely clear about not allowing public funds to support private schools. Miller voted to include such funding in the new budget.
Aaron Miller is a Tea Party conservative, among the most radical in the Michigan House. You can see Aaron’s voting record on www.michiganvotes.org.
Carol Higgins is a passionate Democratic woman with a wealth of experience, who has great ideas to create more justice for Michigan residents. Vote for Carol Higgins on Nov. 8.
Eleanore Flowers

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