911 millage

To the editor:
I’m a resident in the White Pigeon School district. The comment the third district county commissioner made that “paying more milage can help public safety,” — Really?
Last week there were five wrecks involving people trying to get to work traveling on Lutz Rd., hitting black ice. Our school bus goes by my house at 6:20 a.m., yet those in charge seem to think life doesn’t start until 7:00. This has gone on long enough.
Gov. Snyder added .07 cents a gallon tax to help with roads. Having more cash, someone could have been out sanding and salting, pretend it’s Christmas! That’s called public safety.
Quarter mill for parks that no one had a say is not public safety.  .07 cents per gallon to fill your tank is not public safety.
Banking money, then say we need more millage, is not public safety.
Now we’re asked for 911 millage. At least we have a say. If 911 millage increase goes through, will it be banked for interest or used for what was voted on? Do we get a warranty this time that it works?

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