Why does the majority vote Republican?

To the editor:
I have noticed something about our county, looking at all of the numbers that the county clerk put out about election day. A majority of voters out there voted Republican and my question is why? You are voting against your own interest! Our county ranks 55 out 83 for median household income at $20,192 or roughly $9.20 an hour working 40 hours a week. Republicans have voted AGAINST raising the minimum wage even though there are many examples that show cost will not go up. They also filed lawsuits to block salaried employees from getting overtime! Yes the Democratic Party is far from perfect, however we are for the people. Trump claims that he wanted to “drain the swamp” yet several of his picks for his cabinet are the swamp. The Secretary of Treasury nominee was in charge of a bank that foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman over $0.70.
All I am asking is for people to come meet with your local Democratic Party and find out what we are really about. I grew up in a Republican household and I have voted Republican in the past however I realized that the Republican Party did not have my best interest at heart. I mean case in point, our State Rep’s PAC took $8,000 from a company being investigated for bribery. Whose interest does he have in mind?

Cody Sharpe
Three Rivers

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