Why does everyone want to be a victim?

To the editor:
In today’s Commercial-News there was an article about people stating before the County Road Commission that one of its members, John Bippus, had used inappropriate behavior by taking pictures. It seems that too many people want to become victims of something — in this case of having pictures taken in Scidmore Park. Come on people, there are bigger fish to fry!
Collecting of signatures is a right and, in fact, I signed one of the petitions. It’s no big deal. Taking pictures is also no big deal. Those of you on Facebook know that John Bippus has been taking pictures all over the St. Joe County — pictures of many parks, Glen Oaks events and many other positive and beautiful things. None have had any political motive! It is refreshing to see some good things to enjoy.
What does this have to do with the County Road commission? It’s just a guy taking pictures of our beautiful area and things that are going on in our community. Let’s grow up and stop trying to be victims all the time.

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