What President?

To the editor:
“Thank you, President Obama — eight scandal free years” and “Thank you, President Obama — dignified leader.”
These are the two sides of my signs placed on my property on M-86 in Nottawa on January 19, 2017, the day before the inauguration. I thought it important to get ahead of the subjects of dignity and integrity, but also badly needed is another side and to add honesty as the inauguration was giving us someone totally lacking these qualities. During the primary season, Trump made it perfectly clear that he wasn’t honest (lying several times every day), had no dignity (nasty language, abusive nicknames, bragging of molesting women and suggesting that protesters should be assaulted). Records of his business practices show less than honesty (having to be sued to meet contractual obligations to pay for construction done, defrauding folks on their investments in Trump University and having several bankruptcies in his business involvements).
The past 14 months have highlighted or “lowlighted” over 2,000 lies, tirelessly undoing social safety nets, installing woefully unqualified cabinet members seeking to destroy the departments they were appointed to run, and passing a tax bill that will seriously injure, not correct, the issue of wage inequality.
These factors and many others have caused leaders around the planet to say and show they don’t respect nor trust this man as a partner on challenges (pollution, trade agreements, military conquests, world wide hunger and terrorism).
Our great nation has always demanded honesty, integrity, and being unencumbered with business enterprise and nepotism, also human decency, as qualities of our president. Mr. Trump has none of the virtues we always demand of the person we can call Mr. President.
Thus, from a position of disgust, disappointment and despair, I query “What President?”

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