What kind of government have we elected?

To the editor:
What kind of government have we just elected to power? My daughter teaches at a small college in Washington, D.C. After the election, one of her students said to her: “I’m everything he hates. I’m a single mother, I’m poor, and I’m black.”
Maybe the bragging about groping women was “just” locker room talk. Maybe the misogynist attacks against his opponent during the campaign were just political strategy designed to get votes. Maybe the plan to reduce taxes for those who can most afford it was a lie, but just a white lie, not really intended to make things even more difficult for the poor. Maybe the disparagement of racial and religious minorities was just political hyperbole designed to pick up some fringe votes. Maybe the selection of a chief political strategist whose website offers a forum for white supremacists was just a transition team misstep. We can only hope.
No matter how much hope we have that our next President won’t implement policies he advocated during the campaign, there might be one thing that hope can’t change. There are millions of Americans like my daughter’s student: they may have irreparably lost faith in our institutions of government.

Tom Robertson


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