What’s going on in city government?

To the editor:
I am writing in regard to what I feel is some hanky panky going on in city government. A close friend of mine decided to run for commissioner. I signed the paper she collected signatures on. She took it in to the city clerk over two weeks ahead of time and said if there is a problem, you have time to contact me if anything was wrong on the paper or she needed signatures. She heard nothing until the date before the paper was due. The clerk called and said one line of the paper hadn’t been filled out so she had to start over because people may not have known what they were signing. When she told me, I said “I’m no dumby. I know what I signed or I wouldn’t have signed.” She told me the same thing is happening to the Fourth District candidate. If she is currently on the council, why does she even need signatures? People already know who the commissioner there is.
Sounds like they have someone in line for the position and are trying to shun these two ladies. Just remember, you can do write ins when you go to vote. Vote and speak out. Stick up for your commissioner and your values. I think it’s time for a new city clerk.


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