We need protection from the wolves of Wall Street

To the editor:
U.S. Rep Fred Upton had a tele-townhall on Tuesday, Feb. 28 and I was one of about 300 people listening in. During the call, Upton did surveys on a number of issues. It turns out most people on the call:
1. did not support a wall
2. wanted a law that would make all Presidents release their tax returns
3. wanted an investigation (without Sessions) on the Russian invasion of our election
4. wanted an improved healthcare plan, not a repeal.
Also, to Upton’s credit, he stated that climate change needed to be addressed in short order and that human activity was indeed involved. We do not have summer weather, rain, thunderstorms, followed by snow, and then 55 degrees, in February and March in Michigan.
I wanted to ask how the American people can be expected to trust a man who utilizes hateful rhetoric to get elected. I also wanted to know how the small investors will be protected if financial advisors are not required by law to act in the best interests of their clients, a.k.a. the fiduciary rule. We need protection from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren. This protects us from the wolves of Wall Street.
Merry Clark

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