We must quit thinking with an ‘us’ or ‘them’ mentality

To the editor:
I recently watched the documentary “The Brainwashing of my Dad” by Jen Senko. The film explores the changes in Ms. Senko’s father after he takes a truck driving job and begins listening exclusively to ultra-conservative talk radio and watching only FOX-TV at home. She observes that he went from a good-natured, open and friendly person to someone who wanted to isolate himself from the family, was suspicious of people not like him, and full of conspiracy theories.
I came away from this film with the observation that it is not healthy for individuals or our country when people solely watch one network or listen to just one style of radio. Whether it is FOX or MSNBC a person is addicted to, I suggest we all move around the TV channels and radio stations. Just once or twice a week watch the BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) on PBS, or Charlie Rose on CBS, or switch the radio dial to National Public Radio (88.1 FM). Anyone who is watching just one version of “news” is cheating themselves and the rest of us.
For our country to survive we must quit thinking with an “us” or “them” mentality. Whether we are talking Democrats and Republicans, college educated and high school educated, whites and minorities, Christians and any other religion, there are good people with good intentions everywhere. No one has a monopoly on “right” and obstructionism and the inability to work together keeps us stuck. We must work to understand each other and respect our differences if we are to become the healthy and fully-functioning country we all dream of and deserve.
Judy Ashley

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