We do not need a dictator

To the editor:
Do we have a president or a dictator? The way Trump is racing through controversial Executive Orders leaves me in doubt. In his Inaugural speech he claimed control of government would be returned to the people. To my knowledge and supported by the marches and rallies across the nation he did not ask us what we thought should be done about some of our knottiest problems. His “non-election” by the popular vote points out the many Americans that disagreed with his campaign rhetoric.
Many are opposed to his pipeline decisions. The Indian lands are theirs and their objection to pipelines is valid. The appointment of wealthy etc. people is in direct contradiction to his earlier claims. The present mess over the immigration and travel bans is another problem. Bias against Muslims is anti religion and against the Constitution. Weed out the illegal people but leave the others alone. Many are valid citizens and have equal rights and protection under the law. The wall is a fiasco. Even his appointee for Security said it won’t do the job. We need the Mexican farm workers because Americans won’t do the work for the low wages.
America is a great country. We have always been in the forefront of helping others, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, offering refuge to the persecuted. We helped rebuild Germany and Japan, our enemies after W.W. II. There are few countries that have not benefited from our generosity. Very rarely do they help us when we experience disasters, floods, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes.
Trump reminds me of the 1930s and the rise of Hitler in Germany. He hated the Jews and we have the holocaust to remind us. He dictated to the German people and many came here. We are all immigrants whether like mine coming in the 1600 or the recent refugees. Some were and still are prejudicial against because of religion like the Irish Catholics, or color like the Blacks or ethnic like the Asian and Spanish culture.  
Sure we have problems. Congress, our elected representatives, make the laws and try to solve the problems. Trump should let them do their job and not dictate his ideas of solutions. We do not need a dictator!
Katherine Langworthy
Three Rivers

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