Watch dogs are not welcome

To the editor:
After reading the Three Rivers Commercial News Feb. 17, our county administrator does not think very much of the public keeping track of what the county commissioners are actually doing. There have been several individuals working with the Lockport electors and the Lockport attorney to be sure their zoning rights are not being taken advantage of. Maybe if the county commissioners were not getting so much free (taxpayers’ money collected from millage for operating) legal advice from private attorneys and doing their job at public meetings listening to people, we would not be reading this. Right now I think all the people that have taken their own time and money to question our elected officials' decisions should be thanked. What really needs to be looked at is if the commissioners were not able to just place a 1/2 mill for parks operation on every real estate taxpayers property would we even be financing sports parks? I got a verbal estimate from one commissioner on what the attorneys charged for their defense in a Marshall County courtroom, to break their own law to remove three CMH board members. The figure is $50,000, just think how much that money would do for road repair.

Tim Carls

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