Vote No on Proposition 1

To the editor:

Bombardment these last months and weeks coming up to the November election with "garbage" ads, and selected "misinformation" has made it difficult to choose which issues to address. However, recent new information on studies of the physical effects of the use of marijuana, both medical and recreational, has helped to narrow the focus. Vote No on Proposition 1, recreational marijuana.

While I repeatedly hear of the expected (and anticipated?) passage of Proposition 1, recreational marijuana, my memory returns to 1998 when we heard the same about the passage of Physician Assisted Suicide in Michigan, then soundly rejected by a large majority. The people of Michigan used their best judgment then and I pray they will do the same in 2018 with marijuana.

Promoters of marijuana can talk all they want to about the financial benefits, now mostly challenged by those in other sates where it’s been legalized. The most important issue remains the physical and social effects of a product, which produces its results by slowing the blood flow to the brain! A recent study by a US brain clinic specialist of 1,000 marijuana users, medical and recreational, both, showed significant damage to the brains of the users, verified in scans. And long regarded as a "gateway drug", why would we put a stamp of approval on something that will cause issues of its own and lead to yet another possibly more damaging habit? No financial justification can be made for a product, which will only add to the problem. And at a potency 20 or more times higher that the weed of a generation ago? Don’t we have enough impaired drivers on the road? I wonder why our auto insurance companies haven’t been involved in this question. With Michigan having already the highest premiums in the U.S., where to they go from here if Proposition 1 passes? Hold onto your pocketbook and your life!

And speaking of Life, I urge you to vote Republican Pro-Life across the ballot. Your own life and the life of this country depend on it.


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