Vote Longjohn

To the editor:
Matt Longjohn is running to represent us, Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, in Washington. Over the last 15 months, I have often criss-crossed paths with Matt Longjohn and he has gone from being just another name on a ballot to being the candidate that I support wholeheartedly. Matt has that rare combination of personality, work experiences, and personal history that makes him an ideal candidate and our best chance to replace 32 year incumbent, Fred Upton, in November. Matt Longjohn is a medical doctor who has spent much of his career working in public health policy with an emphasis on solid science, consensus building, real results, and fiscal responsibility. Most recently, he was the National Health Officer of the YMCA with all the responsibilities that job entails. Matt is used to working on big topics on a nation-wide basis. At 47, he has many years of public service in front of him.
They say only motivated people vote in the primaries…. that is what I have become, a most motivated voter. It is going to feel so good next Tuesday, August 7th, going to the polls and voting for a candidate I believe in: Matt Longjohn, MD.


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