Vote for change that matters

To the editor:
I am writing this letter in support of for a change in Lansing. I hear my Republican, Democratic and independent co-workers, neighbors and friends express the frustration with Lansing politicians and the lack of governmental controlled progress while we witness an excess of incompetence and graft. Whether it’s the debacle of Flint water crisis that made our state government a national disgrace, terrible roads, or the recent Rizzo Environmental federal investigation that has CEOs resigning, I too want change. I want a representative that thinks independently, not blindly aligning with partisan doctrine. I want politicians that refuse large PAC contributions from the likes of Rizzo Environmental. Carol Higgins is that candidate for change. Carol’s career service as a public school teacher, her business experience that promoted St. Joe County tourism, and her record of fighting for environmental concerns, crusading for healthier waterways, and humane agricultural methods are examples of what make her the change Michigan needs. Carol advocates for less influence from professional lobbyists and big PAC money, whereas her opponent’s PAC accepts Rizzo money/influence despite the federal corruption investigation. Aaron Miller favors dismantling retirement for public school employees (MPSERS) whereas Carol Higgins wants to protect retirements for custodians, food service, bus drivers, teachers, secretaries and others. The choice is clear, vote for change that matters, vote for Carol Higgins.

Eric VerHey

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