Update on the Field of Dreams Project

To the editor:
I wanted to give the community an update on the progress of the Field of Dreams Project. Currently Judge Middleton and the 45th Circuit Court has found in favor of the City of Three Rivers and their right to build youth fields at the North Main location. In the State of Michigan everyone has a right of appeal and Lockport has chosen to appeal the circuit court’s decision. Not to bore you with the details but Lockport is arguing that an underground water line makes the cornfield not vacant. Vacancy, along with it being owned by and adjacent to the City, is a requirement for annexation. The underground waterline will continue to serve and be owned by our Lockport neighbors moving forward even after the youth fields are built.
The City of Three Rivers realizes that the Appeals Court could take up to 24 months before it throws out the appeal. In the meantime Three Rivers is also petitioning the Michigan State Boundary Commission to change the jurisdiction over to the City. Those hearings are taking place over the next couple of months. When either body, The Michigan State Boundary Commission or Court of Appeals find in favor of Three Rivers, construction of the 80-acre youth fields would commence immediately.
The generosity and support of the community for this project has been outstanding. With the County pitching in as well as small businesses, individuals and families, we have raised and have pledges for almost $3.5 million. Once this project is completed our community will have beautiful fields, trails and parks to call their own. For more information on how you can be a part of this project please visit www.threeriverssportscomplex.com or like us on Facebook. We’ll see you on the ballfields!
Jared Hoffmaster
Three Rivers

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