A thank you to Three Rivers City Manager Joe Bippus

To the editor:

It has been my pleasure to know Joe Bippus for the past 20 years. I have followed his career as Three Rivers City Manager with both interest and respect for his ability to effectively operate within a system that necessitates his serving many publics.  He not only has responsibility for the many departments and entities that compose a city the size of Three Rivers but also he is responsible to the Mayor, the City Commission and Commissioners, and a myriad of boards, committees, citizen groups, and individuals who need and deserve his attention.  
It has been my experience, that in each of these situations, Mr. Bippus goes above and beyond what is expected to assure that each of these publics receive his personal attention, his insight, his expertise, and above all his willingness to listen and work toward problem identification and solution.  Although the “Sports Complex” issue has yet to be determined, I applaud all of your efforts to bring this issue to its final conclusion.
I feel that my positive experience in working with Mr. Bippus is shared by many and supported by the positive evaluations he receives each year from the Three Rivers City Commission. Thank you Mr. Bippus for providing the community of Three Rivers with the type of leadership that fosters its positive growth and development.  Because of your hard work and dedication, the City of Three Rivers is a viable place to live.


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