Tax implications of the sports complex

To the editor:
Now that bids to build a Sports Complex in the City of Sturgis have exceeded their budget by more than $500,000; they had considered asking the County for more money. But rebidding seems to be their next move.
The Three Rivers Sports Complex may not have that problem. Three Rivers originally organized with some individual Townships. When the Mayor and his “Idea Man” reorganized with St. Joseph County they used a newer Michigan Public Act. This newer Public Act allows them to ask for a vote of up to five mills of tax to maintain the Sports Complex. Voters of St. Joseph County should be aware that they may be voting for as much as a five-mill increase in their taxes just for the Sports Complex in Three Rivers.
The Sports Complex in Three Rivers was originally organized with the River Country Recreational Authority under Michigan Public Act 321 of 2000. That only allowed them to ask for one mill of tax. Now the City and County are operating under Michigan Public Act 258 of 2011. This allows for the vote on as much as five mills.
Google these acts to see their full extent. Also, Google “Partnering with Parks” for a printable PDF booklet explaining how these Acts came about. See pages 10 to 15.

John R. Krull
Lockport Township Resident
And a Voter


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