Stop the flow of oil through Line 5

To the editor:
When we know from experience the lethal consequences of oil spills in our lakes and waterways, how is it that our governing bodies ignore the threat of a pipeline that crosses the Mackinac strait?
We should consider the groups that have a vested interest in the continuing flow of oil through that pipeline:
First, the companies that make detergents that are used to clean the fish and wildlife after a spill.
The companies that make dispersants and booms that help lessen the effects of a spill.
The companies that are hired by the offending pipeline companies to clean up the spill.
The lawyers who will make a great deal of money off the suits generated by a spill.
The lobbyists who daily generate income influencing our representatives.
Against these are those who appreciate the beauty and economic advantage the Great Lakes bestow on those of us who live in the areas bordering the lakes. We cannot wait until tragedy strikes. Contact your representative and insist they stop the flow of oil through Line 5.
Thomas J. Rea

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