Solar Farms

To the editor:
After attending meetings listening to investors trying to convince
local township boards that harvesting the sun to produce electricity
is a common accepted farming practice, shouldn’t there be G.A.M.P,S.
to help protect their rights and the public rights from nuisance
lawsuits? The State of Michigan does not follow the investors'
thoughts. I have checked with the Michigan Department of
Agriculture that controls P.A. 116 contracts. They have made a
statement they will not release agricultural property that has been
contracted to stay agriculture for a solar farm. I contacted the
equalization department, they have reassured me producing
electricity from the sun is to be classified as industrial for taxing
purposes. With this type of information available, townships should
follow the zoning enabling act and properly rezone any agricultural
property to industrial and be careful they are not spot zoning, which
may cause problems for residents in the future. Past history with
sports parks is a good example.

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