Road millage should be separate from ambulance

To the editor:
I read the Feb. 17, 2017 Three Rivers Commercial article concerning Flowerfield Millage. Having worked in the taxing field for many years I would like to offer some guidance.
An additional millage would give the unit extra money to spend where it sees fit, but it would be spread on both real and personal properties. It would also fall under the Headlee roll back requirements an annual calculation.
Special assessments have become a way for government to provide services the constituents desire if it benefits a select few or exceeds the amount the unit of government collects in ad valorem tax for a special purpose.
A special assessment is a charge against real property for a specific benefit. The amount charged cannot exceed the amount determined to cover said benefit. Therefore if the cost for ambulance services is $53,000 then that amount is divided by those receiving the benefit.
If the cost goes down to $48,000, the calculation is equal to the reduction. There is never any opportunity for an amount of money to pile up that can’t be used.
For collection purposes the assessment amount has been converted to a millage rate in order for the computer to calculate the amount due on the tax bill. This has caused some confusion.
If you are considering a road millage it should be kept separate from an ambulance service as they fall under two differing Michigan statutes.

Judy K Nelson

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