Reasons to support Higgins for Representative

To the editor:
We support Carol Higgins for Representative in Michigan’s 59th District, for the following reasons:
Her strong stand on public education: adequate funding; restoring the School Aid Fund to be used for only K-12 AS IT WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED; paying educators a living wage and not holding teachers responsible for every perceived ill in schools; returning free drivers’ ed to public schools; expanding CTE programs; no state funding for private schools; a limit on charter schools; and no open-carry in schools.
Carol herself was a public school educator for 24 years.
We also support her for her work with the county Conservation District; her belief in science and subsequent advocating for sustainable crops that are more suitable for our changing climate and the viability of honey bees; and her work with restorative methods of growing crops.
Her experience in these areas include growing up on a farm near Mendon and running her own farm (11 years) and Portage Lake Produce business (five years).
Carol also supports the use of medical marijuana, which has proven to be an effective pain reliever for patients with intolerance to other drugs. Since the so-called war against drugs is a failure, given incarceration rates for juvenile offenders and the unreasonable approach to marijuana use, she also supports a reform of the juvenile justice system, called for also by a bi-partisan majority of the MI legislature and Congress; and a sensible approach to firearm ownership (no concealed carry without a permit, no open carry in the schools, reasonable background checks).

Coral J. Fry
Bill Pattee
Burr Oak

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