The real reason Democrats are fighting so hard

In response to Rita Lowe’s letter entitled “Democrats’ behavior is childish” I have to say Obama had the same resistance and had some rejected. This is the same behavior that is currently happening, Obama had nominated a Supreme Court Justice but Republicans refused to even have a hearing which is actually against the Constitution.
The real reason Democrats are fighting so hard, is Trump’s cabinet is full of unqualified and unethical individuals. Rex Tillerson is a former Exxon executive and has ties to Russia, Jeff Sessions has a history of racism and it cost him a position as a federal judge back in 1986, Betsy DeVos was only nominated due to the fact she donates to the GOP, Tom Price had ethical questions due to the fact he owns stock in health insurance companies, and his Treasury Secretary was the CEO of a bank that foreclosed on an elderly woman over $0.95 … Trump is not for the individual, he is there to make his friends and himself richer, while we get poorer …
Cody Sharpe
Three Rivers

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