Re: Three Rivers Chamber of Commerce 2018 version of “Reefer Madness”

To the editor:
Recently I was reading an op-ed from the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce regarding the upcoming vote to legalize marijuana. After reading it I felt compelled to respond.
Scare tactics are nothing new in elections and this was certainly an attempt (although feeble).
Per the chamber, area employers have informed them of their inability to hire workers who test positive for marijuana. Why is that? This has not been found to be an issue in states where pot is legal. In fact many employers have found it helpful in that rather than simply discarding very qualified applicants based on what they do in their spare time they now have a greater pool of talent. I find nothing other than a company’s internal policy that would make your statement true and most companies in marijuana states have simply dropped the requirement.
The discussion of “increased liability and lawsuits” would seem to stem more from the policies of the employer and not from the legalization. Once again there does not seem to be any actual facts that would support this supposition. Making things up doesn’t make them true.
“Putting other employees at risk?” Not sure where this point even came from. I have much more fear in the workplace from people under the influence of alcohol (where is the increased liability and lawsuits there?). Do area employers also test for alcohol? I think not and once again a supposition plucked out of the air (or more likely plucked from the National Chamber list of talking points).
The economies of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Alaska, DC and Maine where pot is legal have not collapsed. Crazed cannabis users have not rioted in the streets.
I truly believe that the legalization of marijuana will allow our police to spend their time on crimes that really matter not to mention the increased tax revenue for education and infrastructure. I urge everyone to use common sense when voting. Question the validity of what is said as to whether they are facts of suppositions. Research the issue and make your own informed decision.
Craig R. Ball
Norton Shores (formerly of Three Rivers)

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