Put sports arena idea to a vote

To the editor:
Three Rivers does not need a multi-million dollar sports arena. We have many other things that need to be done. Sports and physical education need to be supported by the schools, businesses and volunteers. Many of the problems created by the arena plans can be solved by a different approach. Vacant land in and around the city can be used for a variety of sports. A good example is the Little League facility. We don’t need a jogging track. We’ve spent a lot of money to improve our sidewalks. Jog on them or on the track at Armstrong Field. Tennis courts are available in various places, use them. There are baseball facilities on Broadway that I pass frequently and never are they in use. Putting greens, archery targets, etc. can be created on small lots. Our parks can accommodate basketball courts.
Spreading the facilities will reduce a traffic problem and cost less money. Putting the control and maintenance under the schools puts the professionals in charge. How many remember the swimming facility on the Rocky River? Ed Johnson promoted and supervised it. We do need a natatorium and there is a place for it in the high school. Sturgis has a very successful one that’s been in use for over 60 years.
Another problem is the county support. Do they need to donate millions of dollars when roads and bridges need attention? Do we need all the other communities coming here to participate in such a facility? Will we have to be taxed to maintain the place?
We need to solve the Dietz Building problem, expand the library, provide for COA and take care of what we have: parks, river trails, the Carnegie Center and downtown. We need to also promote businesses and industry and do something with the old hospital.
Put the idea to a vote. Let the citizens decide.

Katherine Langworthy
Three Rivers

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