Proudly show your colors

Patriotism is a wonderful thing and our 4th of July holiday gives us
all a chance to express it with gusto! Perhaps you, as I, have been
concerned, maybe disgusted with the way some tear around with our
Flag of the United States of America improperly adorning pick-up
trucks or yard displays.
The American Flag as a representation of our country, a living
organization, is also to be treated as a “living” representation. The
flag should never be used as a table cover or drape, and certainly
never to be worn as a garment. Yes, we probably may have shirts,
pillows, and other “décor” with a representation of the American
Flag, but they are just that. “THE Flag” however should never be
re-constructed into something else.
The United States Flag code can be easily accessed on-line to find
what is technically the law established by the Congress for the use
and display of the Flag. Printed copies are available from members of
the Daughters of the American Revolution with chapters in the
Three Rivers and Sturgis areas in St. Joseph County.
Yes, we should all proudly show the “Colors” and show them
properly. And when the color guard approaches at the beginning of a
parade, ON YOUR FEET and hand over your heart, please. Thank

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