To the editor:
Are your pictures all organized in a picture album? Well, mine are not. I have pictures in boxes and more boxes, plus some in boxes in a trunk, under a bed. What am I going to do at my stage of life with all these pictures? Pictures of my grandparents, my precious mother that I never got to know [raised by my Ukrainian grandparents]. Aunts and uncles that have passed on, pictures of me riding our farm horse at age 11, pictures of me in a field with cows. Apparently grandma thought she should capture that one using the weird camera in those days that they had. Pictures of my children and grandchildren. Pictures I cherish of dear friends and relatives.
I brought seven boxes of pictures to Naples with me to do as a winter project [no winters here in Naples, and many fun things to do instead] so will see how far I get with this much needed to be done project. The plan is to spread the pictures from one box on a long table out on our lanai, organize which pictures go to my children and grandchildren, and recycle the rest? This I feel will be a tearful experience, especially of loved ones that have crossed over. I feel heaviness in my heart to reminisce and remember “how we were” How about my Constantine High School years pictures.
Who in the world would want those? So what are your plans with old pictures? Probably you are well organized with pictures in the right place, not scattered in boxes, however, I did manage over the years to place “some” pictures in albums. I would have incentive after buying a pretty picture album, but these were half full and not completed.
Hoping your winter project entails fun like reading a good book and watching beautiful snow fall.
Thinking of you from Naples, Fla.
Juanita Oldfield-Heed
White Pigeon and Naples, Fla.

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