Pass it on

To the editor:
The season of giving has nothing to do with any holiday, it’s just the opposite. The season of giving should be year-round, from the heart, not the billfold.
The people that receive should take it one more step from their heart, not from their billfold, but keep the giving on by passing the compassion of giving and “Pass-It-On,” and then the next person “Pass-It-On,” and so on. This goes all the way back in American History to the Pilgrims in the celebration in 1621 where the religious refugees of England known popularly as the Pilgrims invited the Native American locals to a harvest festival after a successful growth of their year’s crop. That’s what America started out as and that’s where we need to all get back to. We have now gotten lost in our own personal selfish lives.
America, stand up and remember that there are people out there that need things to live day by day; things that are in your house and storage, some of which you haven’t seen or used in years.
Without names or a pat on the back, the Friday after Thanksgiving, at the “Old Red Fire House” on Millard Road, clothes and household items were given away free from 9 a.m. — 2 p.m.
The “Old Red” came back to life, helping out 46 families, with 920 items given away in five hours.
Quoting from Clay Walker song, Don’t let the “Chain of Love” stop now, Three Rivers, with the “Old Red Fire House,” “Pass-It-On.”

Stan Brueck
Three Rivers

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