Our community college needs our help, now

To the editor:
I support the Glen Oaks request for a one half-mill property tax proposal. Reasons? The list of promised renovations and repairs is reasonable and overdue, the faculty and staff have done their best with what exists but most of the facility is over 50 years old, dreary, dark, and terribly energy inefficient.
I’ve been watching developments at GOCC, both in the papers and in person over the years, I even took a couple of classes there. I am impressed with the quality of staff I’ve met and the serious efforts made to determine, by polling, what we citizens want from and for our community college.
Legislators have cut back so far on aid to public education that, when adjusted for inflation, public colleges cost 2 to 3 times what my generation had to pay. Because of less overhead and less costly commutes and housing costs, students can save a bundle utilizing our community college. What’s more, they can find technical programs unavailable at traditional 4-year colleges and universities.
We need to take the initiative locally to improve our schools now because waiting for Lansing and Washington DC has led to the backlog of projects all public schools seem to have.
Please join me in voting for our college on Nov. 6.

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