Lines on a face

To the editor:
Newborn babies are intriguing with their little wrinkles or lines on their faces. They enter this world of what’s ahead after leaving the comfort zone of their mother. Their skin is delicate and beautiful. As we age, the abuse of the daily exposure to the elements tell a tale on our beautiful face. I look in the mirror and say “what happened?” I look at people and see the lines that tell a story of their life experiences; seems each line has its reason for being there. Are these lines an indication of character or wisdom, or both?
I don’t look at aging faces as old, I see the beauty that’s inside of that person.
Seems our ears get bigger and our noses get longer. Any way on this story I sometimes think I’m a clown that sweeps the moonlight beam around on a floor with a serious, consecrated look, wondering where the beam is going.
As you know, the skin is the largest organ of the body [I learned that in nursing school] which we try to take care of using lotions and potions. We end up with a shelf full of miracle moisturizers and keep buying more searching for the right secret formula to enhance our beauty.
Life goes on as we transition each decade of the fine lines. Like the clock on the wall, it hopefully keeps on ticking. May your life be smooth and wrinkle free, just leaving lines of wisdom and character.

Juanita Oldfield-Heed
White Pigeon/Naples, Fla.

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