Life and death issues in this election

To the editor:
We are faced with Life and Death issues in this election. This summer, the media reported 2009 deaths by gunfire across the country in a one-month period. Eliminating Sunday and using an average of 27 days in a month, at 3,595 — the number of abortions performed in the US every day — now compare 2,009 deaths by gunfire to 97,065 deaths by abortion in that same time period.
In the issue of dropping school enrollments, homeschooling and private schools have had a minimal impact in comparison to the effect of abortion on the numbers. Michigan alone is short this year 347,764 students based on reported abortions. At $7,400 per student state support to schools, we are talking about a loss of $2,573,453,600, that’s billions, to Michigan schools just this year.
Ezekiel Emmanuel, architect of “Obamacare” in a 2014 essay in “Atlantic,” explained the case for “checking out” at age 75. He stated that at that point all creativity is gone and there is nothing left to live for. Interviewed in 2015 on ABC News by George Stephanopoulos, Emmanuel justified his position by acknowledging the falling numbers of the “young” paying into the system wasn’t sufficient to support the growing numbers on Social Security and Medicare. There is a connection! We must support life at both the beginning and later years. The controversy over the coming appointments to the Supreme Court plays a big role here. Experts who have read the Obamacare documents, one as close as Notre Dame right across our Michigan border, warned that Medicare will cut off all cancer treatment for patients at age 76. Yes, this has already hit here at home with a patient in Constantine. Her funeral was held this summer.
While Hillary Clinton has long been an outspoken supporter of “personhood” bestowed upon women by the adoption of Roe vs. Wade in 1973, the media had avoided putting the figures on where Hillary Clinton stands — a total of nearly 60 million dead babies and still counting. That’s 60 million students, consumers, and our American future. We aren’t able to calculate the numbers of missing families and children, which would have been produced in the last 20 years.
Because our government is of, by, and for the people, we have the right and the obligation to choose. Both candidates in this presidential election have issues that have caused a voting quandary. The way I see it, I can vote for “disgusting” or “dead.” I’ll choose life and disgusting over dead every day. Vote Donald Trump for President 2016. Vote Republican Pro-Life across the ballot. Yes, these are “Life and Death” issues.

Rebecca Shank

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