To the editor:
Although my Public Comment at the February 6 City Commission meeting was mentioned in the article in your newspaper on February 9, it was incomplete.  My question or concern was “Why aren’t representatives of Park, Fabius, and Lockport Townships that sit on the Board for the Three Rivers Public Library granted any voting privileges?  At that meeting, Mayor Lowry stated that this non-voting decision for township Board Members was established years ago based on the low monetary contributions by the townships.  I have since confirmed that Lockport Township contributes $15,352 annually toward the Library’s operation; I would assume that the other townships are in a similar contribution bracket.  Therefore, my question is:  “As a community, would the City Commissioners consider re-addressing this long-standing decision of denying voting privileges to the township representatives serving on the Library Board?”
On another topic, I would like to address Mayor Lowy’s closing comments at the February 6 City Commission meeting.  When I speak during the Public Comment portion of the city meeting, I make every effort to be calm, concise, and refrain from targeting individuals or attacking anyone’s character.  I expect fairness, honesty, and transparency in return.  On a positive note, my Public Comments tend to receive a verbal response from Mayor Lowry, regardless of my residency.  I do appreciate that respect.
Mayor Lowry made some strong statements and directed much of it to “you township people.”  His message was that he takes care of his people in the City and that township people choose to live in their township.  Mayor Lowry further stated that he allows us to come to their meeting and speak during the Public Comment portion, but that’s as far as it goes. If any city residents are interested in how business is conducted on their behalf, possibly attending a City Commission meeting would be beneficial; your absence may be interpreted as approval.  (Note:   City Commission meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the City Hall.)  The meeting ended with an unprofessional tone.  
Although I live in Lockport Township, I am proud to say that my mailing address is Three Rivers, Michigan.  All of my children attended Three Rivers Community Schools from kindergarten through graduation.  Also, I, as well as people that I know throughout the four townships, support and patronize local businesses, whether it be a store, a flower shop, a restaurant, a gas station, a car wash, or an auto repair shop.  Cities need township people and townships need cities.  Possibly there needs to be some improvement with the lines of communication between the city and the townships; after all, as adults, we are all role models.

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