Why can’t we fix roads?

To the editor:
I was stunned to see on the front page of the Three Rivers Commercial News on February 23, 2018 about how the St. Joseph County Road Commission is not investing road tax money surpluses correctly. Once again our St. Joseph County Commissioner are coming to the rescue with their knowledge and wisdom having great foresight of what needs to be done to help the St. Joseph County businesses and real estate taxpayers grow so they can pay more commissioner voted milage tax to build more county parks. It is really sad to see tying up road tax money for interest. Could be a way to get the fifty thousand dollars back they used to help fix Constantine Street. If the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners need their money back so badly why don’t they eliminate all five of the St. Joseph County Road Commissioners. They do not do anything productive anyway. The money they are paid for their salaries for the year would equal the higher interest return. That way they could put the surpluses back into road repair like it was intended.

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