Reducing gun violence

To the editor;
When I became a mother in the 1970s and needed to travel by car, I would wrap my infant daughter in her blanket and lay her on the passenger seat. If my husband drove, I held her in my arms. Car seats weren't available for our kids; but what a good idea! Laws that require safety seats for infants and young children have saved many lives and prevented many injuries. We have other regulations that require the use of seat belts and the installation of air bags for added protection. And we fund research to determine the best improvements to make travel more safe. It has worked; cars are safer today. We also require drivers to pass a test to obtain a license and it must be renewed every few years.
We should enact similar regulations regarding gun ownership. Gun owners should be required to pass a test and be required to pay for a license that they must renew periodically. New safety features should be required such as entering a password before a gun will fire. It should take more strength to pull the trigger to reduce the likelihood of accidental shootings. Toy guns should not look anything like the real thing. Every gun should be registered with the state and every gun purchase should require a background check. No exceptions. No one needs a tank for transportation; and no one needs an assault rifle for hunting. Both should be banned for the dangers they pose to the general population. We desperately need to fund research to determine better responses to our gun-shooting crisis.
It is very discouraging to hear lawmakers oppose measures to reduce gun violence. I am sick of the line, “Guns don't kill, people do,” as if just as many people would die if guns didn't exists. Nonsense. Many lawmakers are making it clear that pleasing the NRA and the gun manufacturers is a bigger priority than protecting their constituents. Others suggest we should train teachers to carry guns or allow concealed carry everywhere. When that doesn't work, will they suggest we give all of our students their own gun for self-protection? Heaven forbid!
I agree with students and families in Florida and across the nation who say that representatives with these positions need to be replaced. I encourage everyone to join a protest or a march in the coming weeks to make it clear that we want gun regulations that will reduce gun violence. We have the right to demand, “...a well REGULATED militia”.
And by the way, nothing I have suggested would take away your right to own a gun.

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