Join me on the Trump battleship and cast a vote

To the editor:
I consider myself a conservative and I feel our country is at a political/economical/moral/social crossroad currently. I will say I’d never vote for Hillary because she stands for everything that is wrong in the current political structure. On the other hand we have Trump. He’s rude, crude, insulting but a warrior.
Here’s a famous joke: A Christian man was stuck on his second story rooftop. It was pouring rain. A rowboat came by, said get in. He said “no I’m praying and waiting for God. He will save me.” Two more boats came by, “No I’m waiting for God” … Water got so high he drowned. When he met God, he said, “Why did you fail me. I was faithful, I prayed to be saved.” God said, “I sent three row boats. What’s wrong with you, are you blind?”
I feel Trump is my lifeboat but his rude crude ways make him more of a battleship than a rowboat.
God is knocking at our doors and many are not responding or listening. God knows we need a war leader in the country now, not a meek gentleman. Or America is going to be gone, kaput.
I hope you don’t feel God is a nice gentleman. If you do, you’ve missed the whole point of the Bible. When necessary God is a tough guy. He will strike with pain death and destruction. He’ll even inflict vengeance. Maybe you feel God would not be associated with Trump because he’s rude, crude and vicious. But in WWII do you think God was nice when he let us defeat Hitler? Was God nice when we firebombed Germany and were we gentlemanly when we dropped atomic bombs on Japan? Is God ever nice on the battlefield or does he send us vicious men like General George S. Patton? Good guys that will help defeat evil? I feel God sends us unique people to be such war leaders.
Romney and Ryan aren’t nice at all. They led us to defeat. And they’re doing it again by not supporting Trump. They both had a chance and they blew it so now they’d rather help Hillary than support Trump? Why, because they failed or are they jealous and feel I’ll help Hillary rather that support a Trump victory because they would look weak and incompetent?
So I am saying to all of you Christians and more, come join me on the Trump battleship and cast a vote. I am not saying he’s perfect but he is a patriot capitalist and warrior. The book of John 8:7 says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Which will you cast a stone at — our flag or a vote for the next president?

Rita Lowe
Three Rivers


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