How many road commissioners does it take to fix roads?

To the editor:
I just recently received a copy of all the committee assignments for our new elected county commissioners. One committee especially caught my eye. Ad Hoc Committee stands for Roads Committee. I was really surprised to see three elected county commissioners’ names on it. As we all know parliamentary procedure more than two members makes a quorum. I tried to find out from the clerk’s office when and where the meetings were held. No one seemed to know. They recommended I call a county commissioner on the committee or I could wait until it gets posted on the clerk’s bulletin board. When the road commission supposedly holds a public meeting every month, why can’t these elected officials attend that meeting so they can get first hand what the public is saying, instead of holding their own meeting (work session) with no public participation. Right now by my count the taxpayers are paying for two road commission meetings a month with at least 10 people being involved. Maybe if elected commissioners are not wasting so much money being paid for meetings and studies there would be enough money to fix roads.

Tim A. Carls

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