Higgins will vote facts, not the party line

To the editor:
Representative Aaron Miller is a nice guy. He’s personable with a ready handshake, a million dollar smile, an adorable daughter and a lovely wife. He attends meetings and community events and tells us how well things are going in Lansing. He’s the perfect politician, a job he’s coveted since childhood.
Aaron Miller is a Party man — a Tea Party man actually. He has been called the second most conservative member of the House of Representatives, and his voting record reflects that.
To prove he sometimes votes against his party, Aaron recently published pages of votes on his Facebook page. A close look at those votes shows he broke with the Republican majority on 29 bills. On every bill he voted to the RIGHT of his party, and all passed overwhelmingly. Read the list on Facebook, or go to MichiganVotes.org to see Aaron’s entire voting record.
Aaron Miller votes with his party or to the right of his party virtually 100 percent of the time. If he doesn’t, he won’t keep his job as career politician. He smiles and shakes hands with constituents, but often votes against us in Lansing.
Carol Higgins is a former Marcellus teacher, with background as a family farmer and small business owner. She chairs the St.o Joseph County Conservation District Board and is endorsed by the Sierra Club and UAW among others. She is not a career politician and will vote based on facts, not the party line. Vote Carol Higgins for State Representative.
Cathy LaPointe


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