Higgins a refreshing alternative

To the editor:
Aaron Miller has been in office for two years as the 59th District State Representative. But, already, he has brought guns to our schools, sponsored extreme religious bills which has cost other states billions of dollars, and supports another gas tax, which impacts the poor.
In a recent forum, Aaron said he supports non-licensure for contractors. As a contractor, I am offended because his idea means an unlicensed, uninsured person can perform contractor duties. Imagine that person working on your electrical or gas appliances. That does not sound safe or cost effective to me.
He also claimed to be a proud Michigander but as a teacher abandoned his students in Sturgis because he was inconvenienced. Then he began working in Indiana and touts their education system. I believe in pure Michigan and do not want to be another Indiana.
He has supported an underfunded bill for our roads.
While marijuana has helped countless people including veterans with PTSD, Aaron believes marijuana is a gateway drug.
A refreshing alternative is Carol Higgins. Carol believes in a living wage, so a person can live on 40 hours of work per week. She wants to adequately fund an infrastructure renaissance, which will create jobs. She will reform criminal justice to focus on real crime. And, Carol’s commitment to public education is unparalleled, being a teacher and a substitute for many years.
Two years ago Aaron stated he has always wanted to be a politician. Aaron is a politician. The last thing we need in Lansing is another politician.
Vote for Carol Higgins.
Mike Moroz

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