Fed up with Upton? Vote Clements!

To the editor:
Fred Upton has been in office for 30 years. If you feel that Washington is broken then Fred Upton is a large part of the problem.
One of the wealthiest members of Congress, Fred Upton has done little for the average worker here in southwest Michigan supporting outsourcing jobs to Mexico and China.
Do you feel there are too many party establishment people in office? Fred Upton has been part of the establishment for 30 years!
He is the reason why we are paying much higher prescription drug prices and supports non-negotiable drug pricing.
He has done nothing to insure his people have adequate health insurance and continues to support the antiquated oil and gas industry which threatens the Great Lakes and inland waterways. Under Fred Upton’s time in office, we have seen the worst oil spill into a Michigan river ever.
That’s why I am voting for Paul Clements for Congress in the Sixth District congressional race. Paul understands the difficulties of working class families. Paul Clements has a strong understanding of international business which will create jobs here in southwest Michigan. Paul Clements is a professor from Kalamazoo teaching at Western Michigan University, understanding the importance of quality, affordable higher education. And Paul Clements wants to move away from fossil fuels into a safer, job creating renewable energy program.
Fred Upton refused to debate Paul Clements two years ago. I believe Mr. Upton is afraid. Afraid to debate publicly, answering the difficult questions from his constituents. If he is too afraid to debate, then he is too afraid to stand up to D.C. lobbyists and does not deserve your vote. Paul is not afraid to take on the difficult challenges this office brings.
If you are fed up with Fred Upton and Washington party elites, then vote for Paul Clements.

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