To the editor:

We continue to witness our government supporting and
encouraging dependence on fossil fuels.
For a country that is most advanced in the field of technology; we
have officials making important decisions that seem to be part of the
past. Coal, the dirtiest of the three fossil fuels, is going away because
it is most costly. Now we are left with the devastation of defacing our
earth’s surface and pollution. In the meantime we are fracturing our
earth’s core causing man made earthquakes.
Paul Clements brought to my attention House Amendment 251 to
amend the Appropriations Act (HR 3219); it prohibits directors of
Federal protection offices of the federal government from taking into
consideration the costs pollution imposes on people. Everyone pays
more with policies like these, some with their health and lives, our
children with the cleanup costs of the future.
It cuts another $33.4 million from the Renewable Energy Fund and
puts it into the Fossil Energy Research and Development program.
This on top of a $986 million proposed budget cut from Renewable
Read, Fortune Magazine January 2017 Renewable Energy Is
Creating Jobs 12 Times Faster Than the Rest of the Economy. Yet
China out performs the US in production of solar panels, and energy
storage products fulfilling their 40-year goal to lead the world in
renewable energy.
Our current government approach is basically ignoring an entire
industry. We are going backwards with the current proposed policies.
Leaders of the future will be setting goals that take us to: 1)
renewable energy; 2) energy efficiency; 3) pollution reduction and
removal, greenhouse gas reduction, and recycling and reuse; 4)
natural resources conservation; and 5) environmental compliance,
education and training, and public awareness.
Call Fred Upton now and tell him we are going in the wrong

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