Democrats' behavior is childish

To the editor:
The way the Democrats are acting is totally uncalled for. It seems so childish to me. If there are any senators or others whom I may have voted for in the past they surely will not get any more votes!! You have a job to do. We have a new president who is doing a job but you don’t like him so you’re holding off electing his Cabinet. What if something drastic happens and he is in need of that Cabinet member?? You feel he will trust Obama’s?? I wouldn’t the way you are treating him. Get some self respect in your lives and do your job and get off the pity pot. The election is over!!!
In a way their actions remind me of a movie from back in the 1950’s about a girl who thought she should win a penmanship medal and another student won it so she attacked him killed him. She’d yell and scream “I won that medal it was mine it was mine!!” The movie is called The Bad Seed. I can see where the Democrats are taking root now they all are turning to childish behavior and bad seeds. But the Lord said forgive them Father they know not what they do.

Rita Lowe
Three Rivers

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