County parks

To the editor:
Like many other folks in this county, I was dismayed to find out that the County Commissioners had made the decision to pass a parks and recreation millage without allowing a countywide vote to determine if the millage should pass or not.  For some reason, government agencies seem to believe that all taxpayers have deep pockets and are willing to fund any willy-nilly idea that they come up with.
Now, the dust has hardly settled from that decision and a new decision has been made as to how some of that millage will be spent.  The Three Rivers Commercial newspaper published a front page article on March 01 stating that because of the Parks millage passed by the County Commissioners in December, no fee would be charged for athletes to use the disc golf course at the Cade Lake County Park.
It does not seem like a bad idea to have county parks available for use, which are supported by taxpayer monies.  However, why should taxpayer monies fund the free use of the proposed disc golf course, when other parks cost to use?
What’s next — are other personal hobbies, like the disc golf course, going to be funded by taxpayer monies as well?  Where do the rest of us get in line to get our personal hobby choice funded?

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