County audit is misleading

To the editor:
The auditors hired by the County Commissioners finished their work and presented it to the County Commissioners at their public meeting Aug. 7, 2018. I was lucky enough to obtain a copy before they ran out. As I was reading it I was totally shocked to see last year the Commissioners took a loan for $201,000 with a payback of 30 y ears at 2.8% interest rate. I am trying to understand why they are borrowing money, when they have been spending millions of county taxpayers dollars to build senior centers, parks and sports p™arks. As I read the audit they still have over 11 million dollars invested, earning interest money. Would it not make more sense to use invested money to pay bills rather than paying higher interest on borrowed money? The Commissioners have been promoting this type of spending can stimulate the economy. I have to ask for who, since they had to force a quarter of a mil on county real estate taxpayers in order to generate more money. Maybe it’s time the Governor sends in a financial manager to be sure essential services stay funded with the money coming in from taxes, otherwise the Commissioners probably will raise taxes again.

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