Consider the impact of recreational marijuana in Michigan

To the editor:
On the Nov. 6,2018 Ballot, Michigan voters will be asked to approve or deny the use of recreational marijuana in Michigan. We urge you to consider the impact this will have on our county. We are currently struggling to find workers for all of the jobs that are open. We have spoken to employers in the manufacturing, banking, healthcare, retail and maintenance sectors all of whom have informed us of the inability to hire anyone testing positive for marijuana.  
This could create additional challenges in finding qualified workers to fill the jobs that we currently have open in our county. In addition, there is great uncertainty as to whether an employer would be able to terminate an employee who tests positive for marijuana, thus opening employers to increased liability and lawsuits and potentially putting other employees’ safety at risk.  
Please carefully consider the impact this could have on our workforce and community when you’re going out to vote on Nov. 6 and vote NO on Recreational Marijuana.
The Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce


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