Conservatives are slandering liberals

To the editor:
Reading about the group of Three Rivers residents who attended the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington leads me to understand that among the participants in that function were well educated professional individuals who have a deep concern for and grasp of the issues which spurred this massive event.
These people had well substantiated reason to take part in the protest, as did the big name celebrities and entertainers who were major speakers. However, when I hear conservative talk show hosts, right wing political office holders and Republican media spinners express their opinions on these concerned activists, they label them as left wing lunatics, socialists, Marxists, those who are dissatisfied with the new occupant of the Oval Office, or simply protestors for protest’s sake. Some call them professional agitators.
We hear from those who claim conservatives have been vilified by the opposing party for several decades, going as far as stating those in high Democratic positions are intentionally holding back those at the bottom of the social and economic ladder from achieving upward mobility for the sole purpose of retaining their voter base. Despite the well known fact that the G.O.P. is the party who overwhelmingly sets goals of diminishing social programs, educational advancements and environmental improvement standards, they insist they are the ones who want all Americans to thrive.
I recall an extremely unbelievable occurrence which took place during the recently past campaign season. There is a connection between behavior like this and the expressions of disenchantment with the Trump administration. While a fill-in host for a regular nationally syndicated radio talk show, former California Republican congressman Robert K. Dornan, who according to his web site is the propitiator for “Family, Faith and Freedom,” brought out facts about his family, bringing to light how he, as well as his children and grandchildren are all wonderful born-again conservative Christians, then proceeded to drag President Bill Clinton through political mud by stating how the spouse of the current Democratic presidential nominee was a rapist, murderer and organized crime boss. He then curtailed his list of insults by labeling the Democrats as “the party of death.” My answer to rhetoric of this nature is “Outrageous and downright sickening.” I am not fabricating this! These comments were broadcast over a major Kalamazoo radio station. This is a conservative Christian attempting garner votes for the G.O.P.?
This type of public conduct undoubtedly demonstrates it is the conservatives who are slandering liberals in the most mean spirited, disgusting manner possible.
As I see it, not only is Trump undeserving of the White House, but neither do his supporters deserve the right to legitimately boast, “Our man won.”

David A. Wolf
Three Rivers


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